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Week of June 1,

Hey everyone, Welcome to the first Veggi-Notes. We have a lot to accomplish on the farm this week.

We are still trying to access the damage, from the last two weeks, of rain.

We will be preparing the ground for the second crop of #squash, #zucchini, #picklingcucumbers, #cucumbers, and #okra. we have to plow and fertilize the corn and string bean crops. We are also digging #potatoes this week.

The #blueberries are coming in strong now. They are large and sweet this year. We have also started getting #cantaloupes and South Carolina #Peaches. We get new deliveries, of all three every Wednesday and Friday.

Time is progressing along, the #strawberry, #broccoli, #mustard, #kale, #turnip, and #cabbage crops are finished, for the season. The 10 plus inches of rain finished them off.

Please come see us every Saturday 9AM - 1PM at the @oldebeaufortfarmersmarket.

Come See Us, Joe

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