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Veggi-Notes for the week of June 14

Hey Everyone,

We had a good week last week. We managed to plant the okra, and we dug 40% of the potatoes. We also planted more of the squash and cucumbers.

The Olde' Beaufort Farmers' Marked was a great, if sometimes wet, market. We had a good assortment of vendors, and had a lot of loyal and hardy customers. Thank you for coming out and supporting the Farmers, Foodies, and crafters.

This week, it looks like we might be working in the greenhouse, planting new crops. I just hope we don't have a complete washout, with the rain.

We have started getting NC butterbeans, and field peas are not far behind. I am trying to obtain NC heirloom and regular tomatoes. I will know more Wednesday.

On a Historic note, This month is the start, of the 59th year, Daddy has been farming.

Come See Us, Joe

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