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Veggi-Notes for the week of June 21

Hey everyone. Last week was a ok week. We accomplished several goals, and had several goals the rain pre-empted.

We managed to get the nitrogen to the corn, and Daddy saved several pounds, of collard seed, for future planting. We also mowed several fields, for weed control.

On another note, The first crop, of squash and zucchini, are finished. The pickling cucumbers and cucumbers will finish up this week. The second crop, of all the above, is growing, and will hopefully be ready in a few weeks. We still have plenty of potatoes, and green onions.

This Week, we need to do some maintenance, plow the okra, Prep several fields for future planting, and finish digging the potatoes.

The stand will have butterbeans, Heirloom tomatoes, and regular tomatoes starting Wednesday afternoon. Local corn is coming in, but it is a little scarce right now. I am hoping the supply will increase ,in the next few days.

Thanks, to everyone, for the continued support, at our web site, and at the Olde' Beaufort Farmers' Market.

Come see us. Joe

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